This is a note from Mark Parrish and I wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know of a few additional services we offer.  You might not know that my insurance career started in the Life & Health side of the industry.  And since then, I have continued my expertise and have significant capabilities that have helped many of my clients and friends considerably.

Bob Tindall is Parrish & Gwinn’s Life, Health, & Retirement benefit expert working on his 38th year in the business. Having worked one-on-one with over 500 clients, he manages an annual portfolio over $3,400,000 in premiums. He is very pro-active and creative.  He anticipates the needs of his clients and often finds solutions before problems arise, especially regarding IRS compliance laws, of which Bob is well versed in. In addition, he is licensed with over 20 carriers to offer a diverse approach to your specific needs. So please, reach out to Bob or myself if you have a need in any of the areas listed below.

Please contact Bob to learn more about:

        -Key Man Life Insurance

        -Buy-Sell Agreement

        -Dental Care

        -Disability Income

        -Long Term Care

        -IRS Compliance

         -Deferred Comp Life Insurance

        -Group Captive Health Insurance

        -401K Retirement Plans




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(803) 361-7081